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Committed to Excellence ​

Since 1997 the club’s endowed scholarship has assisted over 50 students from Escambia and Santa Rosa counties with the cost of attending the University of Alabama.

Our Annual Summer Scholarship Kick-Off event is a primary fundraiser for our scholarships along with the generous contributions of many of our long-time members and dedicated supporters!

2023    Hardy Vance, Ciara Steadman, Kayla Harmon,
             Kelsi Wright, Owen Morelli, John Borrell

2022    Anna-Madeline Carrick, Lacey Fisher,
             Charles Jasso, Raven Price, Hunter Pullum,                   & Matthew Willis

2021    Margaret Ann Vinson, Lonni Moorer &
             Bailey Weaver 

2020    Kennedy Hooten

2019    Madeleine Leidner and Shelby Speck

2018    Miranda Avery and Samuel Faulkner 

2016     Kendall Jordan & MeganPewitt

2015     Ben Barrow & Savannah Nixon

2014     Carter & Hunter Haferkamp

2013     Connor Cole & Tristan Dopyera

2012     Stephanie Craig & Travis Gottstine

Previous Scholarship Recipients:

2011     Kylie McLeod 

2010     Lee Bertram & Shelby Morgan

2009     Shelby Morgan

2008     Morgan Tatum

2007     Ashton Mitchell

2006     Nichole Eldridge & James Mitchell

2005     Lauren Dotson & Travis Roth

2004     Kelsey Koper

2003     Greg Eosenbaum

2001     Amanda Adkins, John Jacobi & Sarah Soule

2000     Richard Adams

1999     Kendall Maygarden & Bonnie Threadgill

1998     Ashley Dickson & Kristen Harper

1997     Staci Corley & Sabrina Scherer


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